Brickhouse Cigars

Think simple. Who has the best priced cigars?

At Havana Castle Cigars, we understand…

Cigar smoking humans love—hunting for treasures.

They are, natural bargain hunters.

Cigar smokers, take great pleasure in—making life taste better.

It’s a national instinct.

Likewise, you as the cigar smoker wants as much value for your dollar as anyone else, but you’re also no to stranger to…



In many ways, more so than the average consumer.

If you’ve ever felt that, you won’t be shocked to learn—that the Brick House Cigars brand has become one of the most talked about value-priced cigars in the market.

In the long run, Brick House Cigars is an old-time brand resurrected from the ashes by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

In short, the cigar was named after the brick house the Newman family lived in, circa 1895.


You see…

To honour his family Julius Caesar Newman modelled the Brick House Cigars label after his childhood home—the only two-storey brick house in their small Hungarian village.

Interestingly, the brick house you see on the brands label, also housed a ground-floor-tavern ran by the grandmother of the family.

Who cares if Granny was a boozer…

The Locals and visitors would still gather at the Inn nightly to eat, drink, smoke and enjoy each other’s company.

In today’s world, grandsons Eric and Bobby Newman relaunched a contemporary version of the Brick House Cigar which hit the scene in six different shapes while effectively drawing in on the most exquisite of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Fundamentally, wallet-friendly Brick House Cigars are beautifully constructed in Nicaragua from premium all-Nicaraguan tobaccos at an effortless price point.

In fact, some people are left twitching like electrified frogs…

That Brick House Cigars are so moderately priced.


Hold in your mind that…

Wrapped in a hearty Havana Subido leaf, every Brick House Cigar features a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos carefully hand-rolled by artisan masters.

Obvious, isn’t it?


Certainly, smoking a Brick House Cigar—starts out with a mild earthiness that evolves into a solid medium-bodied, well-rounded smoke with notes of cedar, pepper, ripened figs and coffee—all playing in concert with a toasty, slightly sweet finish.

Listen closely, this is a true Cuban puro cigar—made with the finest Havana tobaccos.

Aged in the mountains of Nicaragua, Brick House Cigars are a cocktail of flawless construction and superb quality—all perfectly mixed into one delicious cigar.


Surely, by word of mouth…

From their humble beginnings as a one-man cigar factory that started in a barn behind the family home, Brick House Cigars have survived and prospered through the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Cuban embargo, excessive taxes, smoking bans and the rapid consolidation of the cigar industry.

Imagine, in 1895 there were 40,000 federally licensed cigar manufacturers in the United States.

Four generations and over 125 years later, J.C. Newman is the only one that is still owned and operated by the founding family.

Now, you know… as the J.C. Newman Cigar Company continues to expand and develop throughout the 21st century, the Newmans are committed to honouring the family traditions of quality and innovation as they watch over the manufacturing and distribution of some of the world’s finest cigars.

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