Cohiba Cigars

Well heres’s an unusual thought…

Don’t think about Fidel Castro smoking Cohiba Cigars.

Think about Tony Montana.

Certainly, it’s important to recognize that—Cohibas are the flagship brand of Habanos.

And yes, the Cohiba brand was created in 1966 for the El Presidente himself and was made at the then top-secret, but now world famous, El Laguito factory.

At first, the Cohiba was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting dignitaries.

But what about TONY MONTANA?


What cigars did he smoke?

Curiously, there’s an easy answer to your question.

As an illegal immigrant in America, there’s no doubt that Tony would’ve had the connections to get his hands on only the best of Cuban Cigars.

So, it’s interesting to conduct an investigation into what Mr. Montana may have smoked…

Of course, this ultimately leads you to choose one specific brand;




Cinematically, not much is known about Tony’s past, other than the fact that he served in the 1970’s as a soldier in the Cuban army.

Just as importantly, there’s strong evidence that Tony was amongst the lucky ones to exclusively smoke Cohiba Cigars—since the brand was originally available only for the Cuban government, army, and communist party officials.

Like a grenade rolled under a softly closing door…

We can all agree.

Unarrested. History is often written in smoke.

To this day, the word Cohiba itself, is the Taino word for tobacco, an ancient indigenous language spoken by the Arawak tribe of Cuba.

As you might imagine…

These were the same cylindrical bunches of twisted corn, palm and tobacco leaves that Columbus stumbled upon being chewed, smoked and sniffed by these New World natives.

Referred to as sicars, or sikars, the once-large bundles were soon reduced—into today’s much smaller cigars.

These truly are, the earliest known form of a Habano.

The Habano-tobacco used for the Cohiba is grown in the world-famous Pinar del Rio, province of Cuba.

Not to mention, how many times we’ve mentioned—this is an area known to produce the very-best-tobacco in the world.

The land itself is completely covered in volcanic soil that enriches the tobacco with an identifying flavour and aroma that an untold number of today’s cigar-chair-villains have grown to recognize and respect.

In many ways, the relationship between criminal-luxury and cigar smoking has been established in both Hollywood and reality.

Numerous gangsters in the Italian-American and Sicilian Cosa Nostra are or were well-known cigar aficionados.

Mobsters like Michael “Mikey Cigars” Coppola, Robert “Bobby the Cigar” DeLuca, Salvatore “Sam the Cigar” Giancana (1908 –1975.), and Carmine “Cigar” Galante (1910 –1979.) who were all presumably nicknamed for enjoying their cigars.

It’s no wonder…

That the leaves for Cohiba are chosen from the “selection of the selection” of the 5 finest districts of the Vuelta Abajo zone.

Noticeably, amongst Habanos with up to three of Cohiba’s filler leaves — the seco, ligero and the rare medio tiempo, also undergo an additional step of barrel fermentation.

What’s more, this process produces a very special aroma and flavour of years past — that you’ll find only in a Cohiba.

Perfect. Now, for your own thoughts of criminal-luxury…

Cohiba Cigars

Encompass four different Líneas or Lines.

First there is the Línea Clásica whose six sizes were introduced between 1966 and 1989.

Then there is the Línea 1492.

Interestingly, its five sizes were launched in 1992 to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in Cuba.

Additionally, one further size, the iconic Siglo VI, was added in 2002.

Next, you’ll have…

The Línea Maduro 5—consisting of three sizes, each wrapped in dark maduro leaves, specially aged for five years—launched in 2007.

And most currently, it’s your Línea Behike, whose three sizes made their debut in 2010.

Exclusively, this cigar uses the rare sun-grown medio tiempo leaf, which is only found amongst the top two leaves of the tobacco plant.

In essence, infusing the—Smooth. Rich. Distinctive flavour.

Into the mind of your tastebuds—for these Habanos.

So, is there a reason you aren’t smoking Cohiba Cigars right now?


All Cohiba Cigars are sized — Tripa Larga , Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made.

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