Cuban Cigars

So, is smoking Cuban Cigars really better?

Feel free—to convince yourself that they are.

Of course, if you’re about smoking labels; then yes, it’s a perfect status symbol.

Another, more relevant question might be; are Cuban cigars different?


Well, yes.


But if you ask anyone who has done a blind taste test if they can pick out the Cubans—most will tell you— that happens rarely.


Of course, never let the truth spoil a good cigar.


After all, the true mark of intelligence is having the ability to doubt the evidence of your senses.

To question, the conclusions your mind presents to you.

To think for yourself.

In fact.

Ultimately, the real answer is—it depends.

If you really think Cuban Cigars are better, it’s likely because you love and can separate the distinctive flavour the Cuban soil puts into to the tobacco.


Let’s keep in mind…

At the same time, the soils of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and Ecuador each have their own cultured characteristics.

This is the beauty of cigars today.

Plus, all these great tobaccos can be masterfully blended to create an untold variety of flavour profiles.

More significantly, the cigar industry outside of Cuba is very strong when it comes to investment, competition and talent.

Regardless, Cuban Cigars are prized worldwide and their roots can easily be traced back to 1492.

In fact, during this year, Christopher Columbus explored the northeast corner of Cuba.

As the expedition unfolded, he came across tobacco for the very first time, due to an encounter with Taino Indians. The Taino rolled and burned leaves which they referred to as “Cohiba” while conducting a special ceremony for Columbus and his group.

Since then, tobacco has become a commodity which is planted all over the globe and traded everywhere.

Still, flavour is an important characteristic in determining which cigar you like.

And, as you know, flavour is purely subjective.

The problem is that the flavour of any particular cigar can be erratic from year to year.

That’s especially true of Cuban Cigars because they come from tobacco planted in the soil of the Vuelta Abajo region that implants a distinctive flavour into the leaves.

And that soil, at various times, has been overworked, attacked by disease or not cared for properly because of a lack of available capital or talent.

In spite of that, out of all the tobacco on the planet, it’s still safe to say—that the tobacco which is utilized in Cuban Cigars is one of the most revered in the world.

This tobacco is called Tabaco Negro Cubano (or Cuban Black).

According to myth and legend, thousands of years ago…

It’s rumoured,

That five-hundred tasks need to be completed in order to make these types of cigars.

Without doubt, it’s always been a hard life to produce Cuban Cigars.

If you are interested in finding an authentic Cuban Cigar that’s right for you, you’ll be able to pick up a number of them here at Havana Castle Cigars.


Now, to be sure— that’s something to look forward to.


To learn more, ask our staff about their favourite Cohiba Cigar today.

At present, we offer twenty-nine varieties of genuine Cuban Cigars, including Bolivars, San Cristobels and Cohiba Cigars.




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Ramon Allones


Jose L. Piedra

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Saint Luis Rey

El Rey del Mundo


Sancho Panza



Vegas Robalna


Quai d’Orsay


H. Upmann

Quintero Y Hno

Hoyo de Monterrey

Rafael Gonzales

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