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More than just a pretty face.

Let’s talk about Gurkha Cigars.


Known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cigars, Gurkha Cigars were first created more than a century ago, and have continued to produce meticulously handcrafted cigars, encapsulating all that is luxury.

In 1989, Kaizad Hansotia decided to breathe new life into a cigar brand already rich in legend and tradition.

Then, Hansotia made his mark in the cigar industry by the dreaming up of highly decorative—and, at times, lavishly priced—cabinet boxes.

Although perhaps, the term lavishly is relative in this case.

You see, back when Hansotia decided to put 100 Gurkha Black Dragon cigars in a humidor made of elaborately carved camel bone, it seemed perfectly reasonable to charge $115,000 per box.

Because, when you really think about it—that on average was only $1,150 per cigar.

Let’s keep in mind, that this hand-carved collection consisted of only five cabinet boxes and Hansotia sold them all.

One was purchased in the United States, the rest internationally.

As for who these buyers were, Hansotia won’t say.

The secret appears to be, in the understanding of how to exactly connect these highly-valued limited edition collector’s packages to the right buyer.

Once you can do that, to be in the six-figure price range—doesn’t seem over-valued at all.

All this is to say, that Hansotia upon realizing that there were no truly premium cigars, distanced himself from his competitors and brought into being a cigar that was not a necessity, but rather—an indulgence in luxury.

Who would have thought, the cigar industry at that exact time was about to experience an unprecedented rise in popularity and that Gurkha Cigars would have the perfect product to dazzle and delight a new breed of free-thinking cigar smokers.

Having eye-catching quality and made with the finest long leaf, full flavoured, Aganorsa tobacco from Nicaragua, Gurkha Cigars quickly become known for their scarcity of release, unusually aggressive price tag and their distinctive over-the-top packaging, which tends to attract the upscale buyers.

By Hansotia’s timeline, Gurkha Cigars felt that there was indeed a market for the more exclusive and luxurious cigars for people just like you—who want something extraordinary.


Even so, as with any symbol of wealth and prosperity, Gurkha Cigars gets its share of criticisms.


Some have charged that his clientele which has been known to include—select members of the Royal Families, various global government officials—and, without doubt, chosen members of the Hollywood Illuminate, are nothing more than vanity smokers with more money than sense.


Others, have dismissed his products as merely an unthinkably over hyped middle of the road cigar, with bedazzling boxes and ornate packaging.


Hansotia, scoffs at these rationalizations.


Because today, Hansotis feels that a beautifully handcrafted and aromatic cigar should be available to anyone that can appreciate the pleasure and enjoyment from all of the good things found in life.

This, interestingly, is why Gurkha Cigars now makes cigars for all price points and palettes.


Once experienced, Gurkha Cigars are never forgotten.

So, is tonight a perfect night for a Gurkha Cigar?

If not, why not right now…

Think of your best time to enjoy one.

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