My Father Cigars

Look. It’s no secret.

My Fathers Cigars are a form of meditation.

And, despite the tongue-lashing that cigars sometimes get because they are made from tobacco…

You Know.

It’s your solace in the face of adversity.

Because, one of the reasons you smoke cigars is quite simple: You enjoy the sensations that they provide.

It’s just like feeling that—fresh perspective, laughing at the vegan menu and ordering a mouth-watering steak.

It seems likely to us, that you have an appetite for cigars because they help stimulate senses that food, wine, and music cannot.


Although, they all go together—flawlessly.


While there may be occasions for you to smoke My Fathers Cigars alone, most of us prefer to smoke cigars in the company of others.


Often, it’s not about measuring the differences between tasting notes.

Or, just talking about—My Fathers Cigars.

It’s more about—your personal relationships.

It’s about, your friends—getting together to celebrate all kinds of wins.

It’s about, Reminiscing. Personal Milestones. Established traditions.

Clearly, it’s the time you’ve spent smoking cigars that allows you to provoke reflection and feel human.

Almost certainly, that’s why many cigar buffs today—express an interest in My Fathers Cigars.

When you fall in love with a certain cigar—you know its taste and aroma can transform the passage of time into an effortless-luxury.

Now, we can’t be alone in saying—when Jose Garcia rolled his first cigar at the age of eleven, he understood that.


Or that, he could have ever imagined that My Father Cigars would become a premium line of hand-made cigars.


You see, in our mind…

The My Father Cigar Brand—begins with Jose “Pepin” Garcia.

And it is true, that the My Father blend is a powerhouse of a cigar with a balanced, rich flavour.

To be sure, the wrapper is grown in Ecuador from Cuban seeds by the Oliva Tobacco Co.

Garcia raves about this leaf.

“Ecuador Havana wrapper from the Olivas is the best cigar wrapper in the entire world,”


“It has all the characteristics such as a thick, rich and oily structure. It’s also great tasting in flavour and the veins are hardly seen, which makes for a unique type of wrapper.”

Says Garcia—who utilizes the leaf on a variety of my Fathers Cigars selections.


Digging a little deeper, the My Fathers Cigar’s filler is a mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Out of all of the blends coming from Tabacalera, DR, My Fathers Cigars incorporates the traditional Cuban Entubado style of bunching that enables its perfect burn and draw.

Interestingly, Garcia who was already an acclaimed roller in Havana, immigrated to the United States in 2003 and set up shop in a tiny factory in Miami’s famed Little Havana.


Meanwhile, Garcia’s son, Jaime, a talented blender in his own right, secretly went to work in Nicaragua on a new cigar blend, intending to name the brand “My Father,” in tribute to Pepin.

The brand debuted in 2008 and has been expanding ever since.

Today, with their ultra modern factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, Pepin, Jaime and daughter Janny Garcia supervise the production of millions of My Father Cigars a year.

Without reservation, a year after the My Father brand debuted, Pepin decided to honour his own father with an offshoot brand called My Father Le Bijou 1922, which earned Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year Award in 2015.



Le Bijou 1922, Flor De Las Antillas, My Father, My Father Connecticut, My Father Maduro.

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