A Simple Pleasure

If you’re passionate about cigars, passionate about the good things in life, if you enjoy taking the time-out to savour the natural pleasure of a highly sought after brand, or perhaps a classic for the future, then let us pull a tray for you from our humidor.

Today, direct from our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, along with our global suppliers, to our eleven locations across Ontario, we offer our expertise and services catering to you, the cigar smoker.

Drawing on our own family history, our original flagship store opened in 1998 in Oakville, Ontario. Now, two decades later, we are pleased to be the province’s preferred convenience for a tasteful range of cigars across all origins.

At Havana Castle Cigars we are committed to providing our clientele with a full cigar experience. Not a day goes by where one of our tobacconists is not greeted with the question in our humidor, we have an event to attend and you have so many great cigar choices, what would you recommend?

Our cigars provide the perfect balance of flavour and aroma. We offer cigars with varying strengths and flavour profiles. Mild, medium or with a full strength body, each equally prominent, each – equally welcoming – something that is exactly right.

Distinctly Competent

Our selection has something for everyone, whether you are a cigar aficionado, a special occasion smoker or anything in-between. Whatever the task, whatever the hour, we can see that you have the most easy-going cigar that will naturally be your best companion.

To us, quality and controls are of the highest importance. Cigars must be kept properly, within the correct humidity conditions from the very moment they leave the factory, until the very moment they touch the lips of you the cigar smoker.

As it is now, you may find that our curated selection of cigars, including our increasingly popular Havana Castle House Blends are a great investment in personal pleasure. From our humble beginnings, we have developed Havana Castle House Blends providing value, and individual tastes our store guests have grown to expect.

If you prefer an authentic Cuban Cigar, our Habanos S.A. Cuban Cigars are produced by a branch of the Cuban government. This tobacco is renowned for being the finest tobacco on the planet! Its unique richness and dimension are due to four factors – climate, soil, seed, and the lifelong skill and experience of Cuban tobacco growers, passed by generations of expertise.

So why not treat yourself?
We have so many select cigars at our stores.
We encourage you to visit us today.